Funding / Funding Options

For Student Organizations


Several different sources of funding exist for professional student organizations. The information provided addresses funding options both from the University and IPC, but is not an exhaustive list.
Program Funding From The Council on Student Affairs
Registered student organizations can apply for up to $2000 (or $3000, depending on established status) in programming funds. Programming funds are to be used to host a program or event on-campus that is open for any Ohio State student to attend.
Requests must be submitted by the fifth Friday of the prior quarter in which the event is to occur.  The chart in the Student Organization Registration Guidelines (page 16) outlines fundable and non-fundable expenses for programming funds.  Funds are issued on a reimbursement basis upon successful completion of an audit within 30 days of the originally scheduled program date (see below).
Please note: While many of the professional colleges operate on a different calendar from the rest of the university, the various quarter deadlines still apply.
Organizational Funding from the Inter-Professional Council
All professional students in the IPC colleges and professional student organizations are invited to apply for limited funding for events and programs that benefit students of two or more of the six professional colleges.
IPC provides funding to student organizations through an internal funding process.
To begin the process, approach or email an IPC Senator (a full list can be found under the “Representatives” tab) about funding for your program.
The Senator will write a funding bill to be presented to the full Council at our next general body meeting. The student organization seeking funding is encouraged organize a brief presentation to explain the program and take questions from senators at this meeting.
The general body will then debate the merits of the bill based upon, but not limited to:
·      The merit and benefit of the program to the professional schools
·      Level of collaboration among the schools to organize and put on the program
·      The inclusiveness of the program for all professional students
Please note that organizational funding from IPC is limited and should not be sought as the only source of funding for a program. We highly encourage student organizations to apply for CSA Programming funds and examine options within their professional colleges in addition to approaching IPC for funding.
Any questions or concerns about IPC funding can be directed to Kristin Zabrecky.