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Each of the six professional colleges provides one justice and five senators, for a total of six justices and thirty senators within the Inter-Professional Council (IPC). As representatives of their schools, these individuals provide a voice for students, connect our professional communities in meaningful ways, and work to strengthen IPC as one of three student governments at Ohio State.
Justices are responsible to disseminating information regarding IPC’s bi-annual Professional Development Fund (PDF) disbursement, as well as working with the Chief Justice to review and evaluate PDF applications. Senators serve as the face of IPC to classmates, professors, and the administrators in their respective colleges.
Within IPC, senators are also experts on their particular colleges, which means that they have the ability to know how to best promote IPC news, events, and gather information from their constituents. IPC relies on senators to communicate to students in their colleges, and also to communicate the opinions of their constituents back to the University through IPC.
Inter-Professional Council senators also serve on both internal and external committees. In their internal IPC committees, they plan outreach, service, and social events. In their external University committee appointments they directly accomplish IPC’s goal of representing the professional student voice within the university governance. Senators take this responsibility seriously and become active members of their committees, and keep the rest of IPC informed on what is happening within each committee.
Our members work hard to advocate for professional students within IPC and the university community. Please take the opportunity to get to know the justices and senators at your school!