Inter-Professional Council
at The Ohio State University

Mission Statement


Welcome to the website of the Inter-Professional Council (IPC) at The Ohio State University!


IPC is the official student government of the 6 Professional Colleges of Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine. We serve the Ohio State student body, along the Council of Graduate Students and the Undergraduate Student Government to provide student representation within the shared governance of the University with Ohio State faculty and administrators.



Our Mission Statement:


We, the Inter-Professional Council being those professional students of The Ohio State University elected and appointed by our peers, with our authority derived from the professional student body and recognized by the faculty, staff, and administration of this university, dedicate ourselves to the betterment of higher education and student life at The Ohio State University. We hereby promise to be accessible to the professional students, remain sensitive to the concerns of all undergraduate and graduate students, and to be a voice for professional issues. Therefore, the Inter-Professional Council at The Ohio State University charges itself with creating and maintaining an environment for the promotion of student excellence. 

The IPC Executive Committee consists of an elected President, Vice-President, and Secretary along with an appointed Chief-of-Staff. 

Each of the 6 Professional Colleges provides 1 Justice, 5 Senators, and 1 Alternate for a total of 6 Justices and 36 Senators from the six professional schools.

We are here to serve you and encourage students to contact us regarding issues concerning professional students. We offer numerous services ranging from funding professional development (research, service, externships, etc.), to hosting social events, service events, and we serve as your voice in all University committees.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any concerns or questions. Olivia LeRoux, the IPC President for 2023-2024, can be reached at

Best Regards,

IPC Executive Committee and Senators