Inter-Professional Council

at The Ohio State University


Please reference our frequently asked questions:

Am I guaranteed to get reimbursement from IPC? No. Students receiving less than $100 or applicants who do not meet the PDF qualifications for reimbursement will be disqualified and removed from the application cycle. The fund supporting PDFs is a set amount every year, therefore IPC IS NOT USUALLY ABLE TO REIMBURSE STUDENTS FOR THE FULL AMOUNT REQUESTED. The PDF is designed to help students offset the costs of professional development, but not be the sole source of funding.


Can I apply in both the fall and spring cycles? Yes, students are permitted to apply for reimbursement in both the fall and spring cycles. However, you are limited to a maximum of $750 in awarded funds per academic year. Students puruing this route for example can apply for $500 in the fall cycle but then would only be able to apply for a maximum of $250 in the spring, bringing the grand total to the $750 maximum. 


I went to multiple conferences, can I submit multiple applications at once? IPC can accept up to 2 applications from each student per year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Unfortunately if your conferences occurred in the same window, you would only be eligible to apply for one experience that cycle. You may not request funds for the same experience twice. Again, you will be awarded a maximum of $750 in funds per academic year. 


I am first year student, could I apply for the PDF fund? The event must have happened while you were enrolled as a full-time professional student at the Ohio State University. If it happened before you were enrolled, you are not eligible to apply for this fund.


I am a fourth year student, can I still apply for PDF even though the funds would not be awarded to me until after graduation? Students that are graduating may be eligible to apply depending on the time of graduation (ie: Fall versus Spring graduation). If the student is expected to graduate prior to the date they would be awarded funding, they would no longer be eligbile to receive reimbursement as they would not be considered a student of the university at the time checks would be awarded. 


I am a Law student, what are the rules about Professional Interest Law Foundation (PILF) funding? Law students may request a maximum of $500 of PDF funding for their PILF experience. Please include in your application the amount of money received from PILF. All PILF requests must be submitted in the autumn application window.


How can I apply for gas reimbursement? This process is currently under review and will be updated prior to the next PDF cycle. 


What if I have another source of funding? That is great! If you have gotten some form of reimbursement for either conference registration fee, hotel, etc, please let us know how much you have been reimbursed and subtract this amount from your total request. If you receive funding after submitting your PDF application, please alert the IPC office to update your total requested funds. In the previous years, students have applied for IPC PDF fund even though they have been reimbursed by the dean or by the organization. This is against university regulations and if anyone is found to be asking for double reimbursements, we will no longer accept your applications in the future.