Inter-Professional Council
at The Ohio State University


Professional Development Fund

IPC offers reimbursement of up to $750 annually for students who attend professional development experiences, such as conferences and career fairs, through the Professional Development Fund (PDF). IPC is pulling from a set fund and the amount IPC is able to reimburse every semester depends on how many students apply each semester. IPC will reimburse each student to the highest percent possible.

Application Materials

  1. The current cycle application form.
  2. A one page explanation statement.
  3. An itemized statement of fees incurred with original receipts. Receipts must be itemized (show the detailed list of what was purchased) and show proof of payment (typically the last four digits of the credit card).
  • For ground transportation (e.g., ride-share, local transit), please include an explanation of the trip. For example, travel from airport to hotel, or travel from hotel to conference site.
  • For travel by personal vehicle, reimbursement will be calculated using the state mileage reimbursement rate. Please include a print out from Google Maps showing the route you drove including the starting and ending addresses.
  • For shared expenses (e.g., lodging with multiple occupants), each person requesting PDF funding must submit all relevant receipts. Please also include the names of those who shared the expenses for reference.

The application process is a competitive one, thus allowing greater allotments of money for more meaningful experiences. Specific application instructions and eligibility criteria may be found on the PDF application. For additional details, please review the PDF Standing Rules before applying to prepare the most competitive application possible. Please put time and effort in your essay, as this part of the application can help differentiate yourself from the rest.

Application Timeline

Application deadline and eligible dates for professional activities will be posted soon. The Autumn 2023 application will open in mid-autumn semester.


The PDF window generally opens twice during the year, in the fall and spring, and applications are available in our "How to Apply" tab. 

IPC Check Policy

All funds issued by IPC will be made available to students as a check, or for students who are employed at the university funds will be issued the same way you receive your paycheck. Checks will be available for pick up from the Resource Room in the KBK Center on the second floor of the Ohio Union. Checks expire 90 days after issuance. Any funds failed to be collected before expiration will be forfeited. A courtesy reissue of the check, at the discretion of the IPC Chief Justice or Vice President, may occur if requested within 2 weeks after the date of check expiration.