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Sara H. Adelman, College of Medicine
Hometown: Livermore, California
Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Sports Medicine from Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles
As President of IPC, Sara presides over all Senate meetings, coordinates the Executive Committee and Cabinet, serves as the primary liaison to the University, serves on a variety of committees and steering teams as appointed by the University, and leads the direction of our student government. 
Throughout her four previous years serving as an IPC senator, Sara has enjoyed getting to work with her fellow interprofessional senators, while sitting on several university councils and committees. Sara has served as the lead senator from the College of Medicine, and has sat on the Council on Student Affairs, Council on Academic Affairs, University Senate, and several other committees.
Outside of her involvement in IPC, Sara has served as the founder and president of the Ohio State University chapter of the Association of Women Surgeons, Vice President of Women in Medicine, and member of the Admissions Committee within the College of Medicine.  In addition, she serves as a medical student tutor, is active in the Humanism in Medicine group, and is an elected member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society and the Landacre Research Honor Society.
Please feel free to contact Sara at adelman.44@osu.edu